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"Keith was absolutely patient, discovering new homes for us and dealing with many stubborn rejections from us.."

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 It is our privilege to review the service par excellence provided by Keith, both while acquiring a new home and while selling our current home. 

We feel that a good realtor should be more patient than his clients, process oriented, very empathetic, resilient and sensitive to client's  ever changing needs and situations, and ALWAYS be ready to offer alternate solutions when encountering any unknown hurdles. Keith is just that plus some more...

We were operating during a very challenging time when the market was in flux, and we had an uncompromising need with to buy a home in a specific demographic for a specific price and specific requirements... we were picky to say the least.. any realtors worst nightmare. Keith dealt with us. Keith supported us. He stood by us. 

He made it a point to consider this his personal mission, talking to the realtor on the opposite side of the table, Fighting hard to acquire the property we were Eyeballing, even though we knew we may be fighting a battle which we may win as a miracle. Keith still fought, without giving up on us, and he fought earnestly. Keith Gained our trust that way. 


The process he followed was very thorough, to say the least. He would talk to other realtors, have the up-to-date statistics in the market, present us with ANY details we needed at any time, and always be two steps ahead of us, to follow up with the other stake holders to provide us inputs and updates on the dot. The BEST part was, Keith was NEVER pushy. He at no point in time tried to push anything into our throat, although we were being very picky. we loved his patience and understanding of our situation.       

How Was The Walker Team Different?

Keith would make great suggestions, but would never shove it down our throat. We loved that. Again, Keith was very process oriented, followed the right processes, NEVER circumventing any legalities, and always hitting the spot. Keith had the right team working with him, to provide the best buying service ever to get us situated where we are. Our new home thanks to Keith.

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