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7 Safe & Innovate Ways to Buy & Sell in the Pandemic

Keith Walker

“I care about people, not properties.” Keith Walker is an around-the-clock realtor, living and breathing real estate every day of his life...

“I care about people, not properties.” Keith Walker is an around-the-clock realtor, living and breathing real estate every day of his life...

Jun 3 4 minutes read

How exactly is someone supposed to view or show a home safely during the pandemic?

Do you have to wear a hazmat suit or put yourself in a bubble?

I’m here to share how by implementing some creative strategies and cautious measures, we are able to help home buyers and sellers safely & successfully negotiate through today’s complex transactions.

#1 - Opt for Virtual Showings

The technology is there, our team has perfected virtual open houses as we guide people through the home with an open chat line for “attendees” and personalized tours via Zoom or FaceTime with our clients. This allows people to get a chance to see the entire house and even the neighborhood without stepping through the door. 

#2 - Create Showing Kits

Some people just have to see the home in person and get a feel for it, which is completely understandable. 

To view a home safely we provide a “showing kit” that will minimize the risk of exposure to a virus. A kit should contain items such as disposable gloves, shoe covers, masks, and hand sanitizer to use during the showing. Additionally, we disinfect the home before a showing as well as afterward, focusing on high-contact areas such as doorknobs, drawer pulls, countertops, light switches, and faucets.

In preparation, we also turn on all the lights and have all closets, doors, drawers, etc open before the showing. 

#3 - Consider E-Offers

Who wants to write offers in person anymore? 

Because an offer can be complex, we’ll email it, and then go through it together over the phone or Zoom. If the offer is accepted, we will use DocuSign to ratify everything. The added benefit, this also saves everyone much valued time. 

#4 - Don’t Accompany the Inspectors

During a pandemic, it’s unwise to put yourself in close physical contact with someone unnecessarily. Instead, communicate with the inspectors via email. Some inspectors will even video chat with you afterward.

#5 - Ask for a Virtual or Drive-By Appraisal

Lenders require a professional appraisal to ensure the house is worth the money they’re lending the buyers. While appraisals must be done in person, some lenders are suspending the in-person rule for appraisals. Appraisers may ask for interior photos or floor plans of the home, something we always facilitate in advance.

#6 - Expect Delays

Glitches in real estate transactions can crop up during the best of times, but during a pandemic, they’re almost a given. Be flexible and prepared to deal with delays that push back the closing date due to social distancing, travel restrictions, and other unavoidable circumstances. It happens …

#7- Attend a Remote or Modified Closing

A real estate closing is a multi-prong event where the final documents are signed and money is transferred from the buyers to the sellers. Today, more closing companies are limiting in-person contact and in case of a necessary in-person meeting, perform sign-offs outdoors with social distancing protocols in place.  

I hope that you found these strategies beneficial. 

One thing that has been extremely important to us during this pandemic is to not abandon our clients when they need us the most. 

Safe and innovative practices are the wave of the future, we’re just leading the charge! 

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