We Were Really Fortunate To Find Keith When We Decided To Buy Our First Home

We were really fortunate to find Keith when we decided to buy our first home. Keith was very patient throughout the process and was always available to answer all our questions. After months of searching for the right home, we finally found a home which we liked. Keith scheduled walk through for us on next day of open house. He answered all our questions that we had regarding the house. He reviewed the disclosures and was well prepared with the background of the house that we were looking. When we expressed few concerns about remodeling this home, Keith got his contractor to visit the home on the same day and gave us a very accurate estimate in terms of cost and time for the remodeling work we had in the mind. He also ensured to check HOA policies to ensure that remodeling work is possible. This was extremely helpful to simplify our decision. As this was our first home buying experience, Keith was careful and diligent to ensure that we don’t overlook/miss any important issues with the home. When we finally decided to put an offer, Keith was of great help to get in touch with seller’s agent to give us sense of competition. We had few other competing offers, but Keith helped us to close this home without overpaying for it. Keith had suggested us to write a letter which played important role as we had other offers in same range. Kieth was on top of documentation and ensured that we were able to close the deal on time without any issues. Kieth also helped us to find contractors for roof and other work we wanted to get done. He and Sue, ensured that all the work is done before we moved into the home. Even after when the deal was closed, he regularly checked with us if we needed any help with house. We really enjoyed working with Keith and would highly recommend him.

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