We Recommend Enthusiastically & Without Reservation.

We were looking to buy our first home. Keith immediately impressed us with his patience answering our many questions, the speed and attention to detail of his team, his wealth of knowledge, and our overall experience. It was always about our needs, our timeline, and eventually, our amazing home. A few stories that illustrate how Keith and his team went above and beyond: – He spent days taking us to view properties. He showed us positive and negative aspects of each place and helped us to clarify for ourselves what exactly we were looking for in our new home. What we thought would be a chore was actually informative and fun. – When it was time to put down offers, Keith was a masterful negotiator. When the selling agent said they “probably” would receive “2-4″ offers, Keith persistently checked and rechecked until he discovered that we were the only likely offer. He immediately called us and helped us rethink our original offer, which ended up saving us tens of thousands of dollars. Our offer was accepted, and the property ended up appraising way over the purchase price, which I’m told is relatively uncommon these days. – Keith had great referrals for other services you need during the process. Particularly, he recommended lenders that could offer competitive rates and move fast enough to satisfy the seller. Overall, Keith and his team transformed what started out as an overwhelming experience into a straightforward and pleasant one. We recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.

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