We Never Felt Pressured To Raise Our Offer, And We Felt Like They Always Respected Our Budget

We had a great experience buying our first house with Keith and David. We met with them in early November and had an offer accepted the week before Christmas – we felt like that was pretty fast in this competitive market! Keith and David really know Campbell and the surrounding areas, and we could  count on them to help us understand the pros and cons of neighborhoods that weren’t familiar to us. They are also super fast to respond to texts and other questions. We never felt pressured to raise our offer, and we felt like they always respected our budget. Once we had an accepted offer, they guided us through the process, checked out some concerns about the property with a contractor, and set up all of the termite fumigation stuff for us. A really great experience from beginning to end! Plus, they didn’t mind that we brought our two young daughters to everything (it’s hard to shop for a house with no family nearby for free babysitting!!).

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