We Knew Exactly Who to Call.

While living in De Anza Oaks for ten+ years, we saw Keith Walker’s name on many of the sold houses in the community. Once we decided to sell our house, we knew exactly who to call. Mr. Walker was incredibly patient throughout this arduous process of selling and buying a new house. Always punctual and professional, Keith Walker walked us through the various steps to selling a house all while patiently answering our many questions. After Mr. Walker ensured that we understood the selling process, he instantly got to work and organized the plethora of inspections, paperwork and phone calls. For us, the selling process happened incredibly smoothly and we were very impressed with Mr. Walker’s efficiency. When looking for a new house to buy, Keith was vital as his constantly updating list of available houses provided us a starting point when choosing a house. Once we had refined our list of preferred houses, Keith worked tirelessly to set up opportunities for us to walk through the house with an agent. During our search for a new house, we obviously hit some bumps along the way but Keith calmly assured us that everything would work out and thankfully, it did. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Keith and his team. His wide range of recommendations from bankers to contractors were as efficient and professional as Keith himself. Keith’s assistant, Sue Allen, was also a pleasure to work with as she too, extended the professionalism that Mr. Walker is known for. All the best and enjoy the experience.

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