Their Smiles, Sense of Humor and Interest in Our Lives is a Welcoming Experience in This Busy World.

I have used the Walker Team for a few sales in Cupertino and San Jose. They have never let me down. Each time they have exceeded my expectations. The sale of my mother’s condo in Cupertino they made recommendations in what improvements that we needed to make. They coordinated the contractors to complete the work. Within a week I sat down with the Walkers to go over the 13 offers that we received. Mr. Walker took us through each offer until we got to the last offer which was about $170,000 over the asking price. This really helped my mother in her retirement years and to live independently.

My wife had a property in Cupertino that needed to be sold. They helped to bring in contractors to modernize the kitchen and provide minor repairs to the property. They hired a company to stage the property. They did a wonderful job making the property look like a model home. Once again the Walker Team had multiple offers. A week later my wife reviewed with the Walker Team the offers. The offer that was accepted was above the asking price.

The last property that they sold was a mobile home in San Jose. Real estate was slow selling at the time. Most properties in the mobile home park were taking months to sell. Some properties took over a year to sell. The Walker Team made recommendations to make the property more salable. To our surprise they were able to obtain a buyer in around 3 days after the home was placed on the market.

The Walker Team is well organized and efficient. They have a lot of pride in the service that they provide their client. They have the resources available to them that they can provide the best possible service. They handle all the paperwork and explain the documents prior to you signing. They know how to negotiate and are able to counter offer to make the deal better for their client. They always have a good attitude. Their smiles, sense of humor and interest in our lives is a welcoming experience in this busy world.

Thank you the Walker Team.

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