Kudos to a Rockstar Team!

Keith is really outstanding in knowledge and negotiation skills when it comes to buying a home. I worked with Keith for my (first) home purchase and he has been exceptional in virtually every aspect. Being a first time buyer, we had plenty of questions and doubts along the way. But he guided us throughout the process very patiently. He seemed very knowledgeable about every good neighborhood and gave us honest feedback about each house we considered bidding for. Over time the most valuable aspect was the trust he built. We relied heavily on his opinion and expertise for virtually everything. Keith would tour the house with us, give us very accurate picture of the value of the house, and he also did “pre-purchase” property inspection with us, helping us note what was great about the property and what was not. A lot of times he pointed to us “not so good points” about the house that we had completely overlooked. My house hunt lasted grueling 8 months (yes we were very picky buyers :)), but Keith was extremely patient throughout the process and we couldn’t have hoped for a better agent to work with. I should also mention, that Keith (and his team) have also been very helpful in guiding us with list of people/contractors/references for any work/update that we are planning to our new home. This again has made the transition to our new home a very smooth process. Kudos to him and his rockstar team!!

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