A First Class Experience With The Walker Team.

The Walker Team helped us sold our old home and then bought a new one.

First, our experience with the Walker Team in selling our old home. They choreographed the inspections, fixes, slight remodeling, staging and open house seamlessly. Everything was smooth. They even threw a lunch party for our neighbors on the day of the open house to get them out of the way of real buyers. After we had accepted an offer, they worked with the buyer to make sure that the buyer’s concerns were addressed so that we could close without a hitch. Having said all that, their service is not inexpensive compared to some other realtors who charged less for their service. However, the result that we got was well worth every penny we paid for their service.

Next, our experience with the Walker Team in buyer our new home. To help with our search, they set up an alert list for us on new listings in the area that we were interested in. That was a great help for us. When we find something that we liked, we would go the open houses or have them show us the property. We must have had them show us over twenty homes. We have also made five or six offers. During this whole process, the Walker Team never pressure us to make offers that we were not comfortable with. In our first offer that was accepted, the transaction eventually fell through because we could not agree with the seller on credit for fixes. The difference between us and the seller was only a few thousand dollars. Yet, there was no pressure from the Walkers in accepting the seller’s offer. We were very impressed. After our offer for the home we just moved in was accepted, the closing process was again smoothly choreographed.

Overall, we had a first class experience with the Walker Team

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